For work enquiries or prices you can get in touch via e-mail on hello@aitorgordejuela.com or through social channels or filling in the form in the contact page

My name is Aitor, a painter based in Madrid. 

My career includes different fields such as digital art and the most traditional; Oil, acrylic, and the usual paper drawing with pencil or charcoal. I always try to provide an artistic expression of my own that helps to differentiate and that in turn allows to reach a wide and heterogeneous audience. In addition, except my graduate in Art History, I am self-taught what allows me a free expression of any academic girdle.

In my youth I was awarded several prizes in drawing and painting competitions that allowed me to take my firsts steps in the illustration world. Currently my works of art are available in galleries such as Ineditad and Sara Caso in limited and exclusive editions. Then i worked for important clients like; Anaya in the realization of textbooks and audiovisual material, the Board of Castile and Leon together with the French government in the realization of explanatory panels comic style for the exhibition “San Martín de Frómista, Cluny. 900 años de la europeización de un monasterio hispano (1118-2018)” Exhibition that lasted longer than expected since it attracted more public than expected thanks to the great teamwork that was done. I participed in severals exhibition like NewArt 2021 in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) and «Crónica artística de un confinamiento»
I have sold my work to private collectors, as I also made the posters for the NGO Juegaterapia for their action «Mediterranean Challenge», varied posters for the concert tour of singer Bertt Que and storyboards for Studio Fets, among others.