Me (yo)

My name is Aitor, 2D animator and illustrator in both digital and traditional formats. I was born in Madrid, where I grew up and trained. I have a degree in computer science that I reinforced with differents knowledges of digital design software to which I added a creative touch when I graduated in History of Art in the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

Self-taught by vocation, constantly experimenting with new techniques and styles. I started my career with Trogli, a self-created character whose stories have evolved into comics and 2D animation.

In my youth I was awarded several prizes in drawing and painting competitions that allowed me to take my firsts steps in the illustration world.

I work with different digital techniques, without leaving behind the traditional with graphite pencils. My works range from the most cartoon style, to minimalism, going through an American comic style.

The thematics in which I find myself more comfortable are the illustration and creation of comics, posters for advertising, publishing, fashion and, last but not least, 2D animation.
Regarding my last professional challenges, I work as a freelance in several solidarity actions collaborating with Juegaterapia and with governmental entities, in the exhibition “San Martín de Frómista, Cluny. 900 años de la europeización de un monasterio hispano (1118-2018)” with the Junta de Castilla y León. 


Phone: (+34) 686 39 15 25